Fuel costs change day by day from today. How you can track these progressions

Fuel costs change day by day from today. How you can track these progressions

State fuel retailers prior used to reconsider costs on the first and sixteenth of consistently in view of the normal universal cost of fuel in the former fortnight and cash conversion scale.

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Fuel costs

Along these lines, how can one discover the costs for fuel each day. Here’s a preliminary:

Rates will change at 6 am each day, in light of the adjustment in cost on the earlier day.

1) App and get the details:

Track it on your telephone with this application – FUELIT app . The application gives you a day by day refresh on the updates in all urban areas. It’s accessible on Google Play Store .

These prices are for indicative purposes only and may not reflect most recent price changes. Please check at your nearest shell outlet for up to date pricing information.

All values are in INR – Price of Fuel (in Rs.)
City/Site Diesel Shell V-Power Diesel Unleaded Petrol Shell V -Power Petrol
Ahmedabad – Euro IV 61.50 68.50 67.30 75.65
Rajkot 61.40 68.40 66.95 75.30
Surat – Euro IV 61.45 68.45 66.95 75.30
Vadodara 61.30 68.30 66.80 75.15
Bangalore – Euro IV 55.90 62.90 67.80 76.15
Bangalore Euro IV -B 55.70 62.70 67.65 76.00
Mysore IV 55.55 62.55 67.45 75.80
PMC – Euro IV 58.20 65.20 75.60 83.95
PCMC – Euro IV 58.40 65.40 75.65 84.00
Pune – Outside Octroi – Euro III 58.35 65.35 75.65 84.00
Chennai – Euro IV – base 58.65 65.65 68.05 76.40
Readers can track daily fuel prices using our Android app  or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for daily rates in your social feeds.

Special Pricing
City/Site Diesel Shell V-Power Diesel  Unleaded Petrol Shell V -Power Petrol
Solapur Road 58.00 65.00 73.90 82.25
Magadi Road – 1 55.65 62.65 67.80 76.15
Talegaon 58.20 65.20 74.25 82.60

“Shell India prices the fuels on the basis of the International crude oil prices. Hence the prices are subject to changes. These prices are effective from 22nd July 2017″

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